D. Paul Cohen

In 1967, Paul founded the West Coast Regional offices of Bear Stearns & Company and later founded the West Coast Regional offices of CBWL Hayden Stone American Express. Paul was named as one of the top 12 elite securities analysts in the USA. For many years, Paul’s penchant for in depth research is well known, respected and admired in Wall Street. In 1997, Paul founded Cohen Grassroots Research, Inc. under a different name. The firm is considered to be Wall Street’s leading quality small-cap, micro-cap research firm. Over the years, Paul assembled his team, a brain trust of worldwide analysts at the CFA, CPA, PhD, MBA, MD levels including industry experts. Paul is a world class competition athlete and coach in two professional sports: tennis and arm wrestling.


Paul, John McEnroe, Wimbledon
Paul Cohen, Player
Paul, Center Court US Open, Quarter Finals with Harold Solomon


US National Junior Tennis Championships
US National Intercollegiate Tennis Championships, NCAAs
Two Tennis Grand Slams: U.S. Open, Australian Open
Instruction Editor: World Tennis Magazine
Advisory Davis Cup Coach, Israel
Tennis students include: McEnroe, Williams Sisters, Harold Solomon, Michael Chang. 150 other nationally ranked players

Paul is well known in competition tennis. Paul was a leading American junior player who played in the US National Junior Championships, Captain of the University of California, Berkeley’s tennis team, playing in the NCAA championships, a touring professional player who played in two Grand Slams, and became the first touring coach on the ATP men’s tour. Some of Paul’s students included ATP President Harold Solomon, Grand Slam winners: John McEnroe, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Michael Chang and many other world class men’s and women’s champions. Paul was the Advisory Davis Cup coach to the Nation of Israel, on the Board of Experts at World Tennis Magazine for 19 years, and was considered by many to be the leading tennis coach in the world.

Arm Wrestling

World’s Professional Arm Wrestling Championships, Rumia Poland Paul Cohen, USA vs. Nikolay Bodnar, Ukraine
Paul Cohen Arm wrestler
Todd Hutchings World Champion, Paul Cohen, Travis Bagent, World Champion, WAL Championships: Las Vegas, Nevada 2016

Paul is both a world class arm wrestler and leading coach in the sport. On November 20, 2016, at the Zloty Tur World Championships in Rumia, Poland, Paul became the oldest athlete in the history of arm wrestling and in any sport, to compete for an open World’s Championship.
Competion Credits: 4 World's arm wrestling championships

World’s Professional Arm Wrestling Championships, 2016

Paul Cohen’s Elite Pulling Center